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Still no proper Name!

You see, when we started this one, we were thinking about a name that points at contrasting games aka good and bad ones, since we’re having a hard time finding a middlepoint between games we like and games we dislike. If we like something, it will get pretty much praised, but if we dislike something, oh lord, Square Enix knows.

So, we couldn’t come up with a name, put up “Luka Loves Games” due to Alkaid’s and mine love for Megurine Luka.
However, this is just a WIP-Title, and as it is, this title/url will need to be dropped asap, as much as it hurts us to say goodbye to our little Luka-shrine.

We’ve since changed our minds and want to be more neutral and open, not directly condemning games as bad games all the time, and also provide interesting stuff and news around gaming, which can’t be categorized as good or bad anyway.
Still, we put up a special tag for Rants, which also appears in the navigation.
Yes, we will rant. A lot. Especially about how much a certain company sucks.

Still, no god-forsaken neutral name appeared to this very moment, and it’s driving us nuts.
So, as we want to take this Blog the next step ahead on its road to disappointment GLORY, we clearly need a name, and that’s where you shall feel free and comment on this post, providing us with suggestions while we’re preparing more content, reviews and the likes for you.
Sounds fine? Deal. Now get thinking!

On another note, you might have noticed that we love the new Spoiler Tags, which we have two types of: MouseOver ones that only hide some text elements that might spoil you, and hide/show spoilers, that will come in handy for structuring posts and posting a lot of videos.
Quotes are satisfying enough for now, the navigation works, the author widgets are in, Alkaid is getting used to posting and basic html.
Did we forget anything important?

Tokyo Game Show ’11

It’s been a while and the TGS went pretty well, many new things were announced, Prsona 4 Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena was playable, as well as many other really good and fun looking games. So we thought of putting a small summery up here what happend because not everyone was able to attend or let alone fly to japan.


» Playstation Vita Lineup«

Sony’s newest handheld seems to be like a new fresh start after the PSP, mediaplayer themes already were announced with it, for example Noel Vermillion.

»Ni no Kuni The Queen of white Ashes«

Level-5’s and Studio Ghibli’s RPG looks all the more impressive when it is displayed in HD, visitors of the TGS were lucky because Lvl5 provided a playable version of the game there.

»Soul Calibur V«

The trailer that you’ve all been waiting for, character introduction time! huge fans of the series will see that there has been a slight change in pace but not so much to drive them completely away. While the GC once again sadly looks nothing like the artwork counterpart though but it is once more a sight to behold.


Not much is know of the game but collecting body parts and being immortal while fighting and solving puzzles sounds fun doesn’t it?

»Asuras Wrath«

A highly anticipated collaboration game between Capcom the creators of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry and CyberConnect2 which is known for completely abandoning their .Hack fanbase, they are also created Naruto Ultimate Ninja/Hero. So we might see or hear more of it soon.

»Silent Hill Downpour«

The eighth installment of the Silent Hill Series, this time it’s slogan is “back to the roots” this new trailer is underlaied with the impressive music from “Korn”, though not really a Silent Hill theme it fits this trailer very well. Some of the gameplay was already shown earlier this year, expecting the title or condemning it?

»Dragons Dogma«

Also a really nice entry in the genre of open world games Capcom presents this title once more gloriously. To my own regret nothing of the BoF series has reached my eyes and ears so far.

»StreetFighter X Tekken«

A new Trailer with new fighters and new artwork, once more Capcom and Namco show off a nice fight sytem with rather stunning and unique visuals as well as a good flair for what the players want.

»Ninja Gaiden III«

Ryu Hayabusa’s third current gen console title, once more with absolutely gorgous and gory visuals. How difficult will it be this time, what kind of weapons will be in store for all those gamers out there?


Finally some new blood in MvC3 our long awaited twin brother of the don of Sparda, Dante. Armed with Yamato, BeoWulf and his summond sword technique he’s much more than a clone character.

» Iron Fist«

And on the Marvel side of MvC. What will our pop culture hero from Power Man who impersonated Dare Devil aka Matt Murdock once fight for?

»Ridge Racer (Playstation Vita)«

Another title for the vita this time from the developer Cellius, set release date is 2011.

»Anarchy Reigns«

Known as Max Anarchy in Japan, an online brawler from Platinum Games who already worked on Mad World, Bayonetta and also Vanquish. Are you ready for this Battle Royal action or does it seem too out of the ordinary for you?

»Tales of Innocence – R«

A remake of the DS title not just a simple port and also Namco Bandai’s first official game for the Playstation Vita.

»Tales of Heroes Twin Brave«

The first of it’s kind in the Tales of franchies, the game seems to allow a second player to join the action with his/her favourite Tales character in command. Will be also be able to handle this slaughtering or will it pass by like Tales of Versus and Tales of the World 3 did?


the second title, slightly new visuals and more content, but sadly there’s not much information about it yet.

»Dead or Alive 5«

This time not only for X360 no even the Sony console will get it’s share from the newest fighting game from Team Ninja (not to confuse with NinjaTheory). As you can see they reworked the combo system a bit and as usual the visuals are very impressive, 2012 can not arrive fast enough!

»Resident Evil: Revelations«

The newest 3DS title of the Resident Evil Franchise will see it’s release in early 2012 this time with Jill Valentine as one of the playable characters.

»Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi«

And once more Dragon Ball Z game, in Japan it goes under the name of “Ultimate Blast” this time with new visuals and new character moves. The fith title in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and the 43th beat ’em up…


Well what can I say, it’s a reboot, it’s not the Dante we know and the battle system looks also much more slower. The visuals are pretty nice and give the game a reather colorful touch. Or like one of the youtube users already said:

Gameplay Videos

»Kingdom Hearts 3D«

Only Nomura got to play KH3D while the others were playing Theatrhythm, the new title of the praised KH Series from Square Enix looks more than just agile and fluid even though there’s not much to see there.

»Dragons Dogma«

And also some gameplay of this one, seems a bit similar to Demon Souls doesn’t it?

»Ni No Kuni«

Here’s the promised Gameplay video, so sit back enjoy this beeautiful Studio Ghibli homage

»Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations«

Another Naruto beat ’em up, this time with the characters from the first manga/anime series “naruto” in 3D and also cellshading. Enjoy while “KillerB” puts on a show for the viewers with it’s eight tailed beast and his trademark Enka rhymes

»Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena«

And here’s the stuff most Shin Megami Tensei/Persona fans waited for! The beat em up from Aksys and team Persona! Enjoy while Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko and Yu battle each other!

Magicka Content Update/Sale!

As predicted, the Paradox Week on Steam ends with a huge Magicka sale!
75% off on all titles of the franchise, excluding the newly released “Gamer Pack”.

The Gamer Pack comes with three new unique robes, inspired by popular videogames.
That is not all there is to today’s Content Update, though, as there are two more robes you get for free!

As a Warhammer-nerd, I am overwhelmed by joy about the new “Space Marine” robe. He’s quite strong and endures a lot of punishment before going to the ground. His Bolter does not only sound cool, but the shells explode on impact and set surrounding enemies ablaze!
He can charge with his staff, doing no damage to foes, but getting you out of trouble (or directly into enemy lines to do maximum damage).
Immune to Life, your Marine will need to rely on his Regeneration. Poison is no issue to him, and his Power Armor gives him a fire and cold resistance.
He’s vulnerable to Lightning and Arcane, so be careful!

Alkaid is more hyped over the “Tron”-Mage who shoots discs that bounce from enemy to enemy, dealing damage to surrounding foes (or friends) until they vanish. He absorbs Lightning but is immune to Life and Arcane (according to description, Arcane immunity still did damage to my mage when I tried)!
You’ll never die when reviving your friends with the Tron mage. If you’re wet and try to conjure Lightning, it will immidiately heal you. As you don’t need to press anything aside from the A-key to conjure Lightning, you can build up tenthousands of hitpoints healed.

One thing that’s true for most of the new robes is that Arrowhead is now playing with even more specific traits for robes.
While the Wizard Hat DLC was purely cosmetic and the Vietnam and Patchwork Wizards had their unique starting loadouts, they’ve been exact copies of the vanilla wizard, aside from their looks.
The Party Robes pack, introducing Tank, Support and Rogue robes changed that, modifiying speed, hitpoints, resistances and spell strength.
With the new robes we got today, even more things got specifically changed to fit the themes of the robes – which traits these are is up for you to find out.

In case you never heard of Magicka before (which is a shame in itself, considering the successful nine months since release), or just haven’t picked up the game yet, fear not!

The COMPLETE Magicka set, excluding the new Gamer Pack, is available for only $6.24/6.24€ today. Go for it, people! Only 19 hours left til this sale ends!

Space Marine and Tron are free for all – do you recognize the Gamer Pack robes?

Learn With Portals

Software/Game Developer Valve shows again that they’ve got their hearts and heads on the right spots.

“Learn With Portals” is the name of the current project started by Valve, trying to engage children in schools with science, make them use their heads to solve physics puzzles and get a feeling for problem solving.
Bringing the Portal-franchise into schools sure will be a lot of fun for the kids (and teachers)!

Intrigue. Engage. Inspire.

When we heard the buzz surrounding the new role video games are playing in education, we had to throw our hat in the ring. Today, innovative educators are finding ways to incorporate Portal™ and Portal 2 into their classrooms—helping teach physics and critical-thinking skills. It’s eye-opening to see how video games can be used in amazing and unexpected ways to help educate our next generation.

One of the biggest challenges in teaching science, technology, engineering, and math is capturing the students’ imaginations long enough for them to see all of the possibilities that lie ahead.

Using interactive tools like the Portal series to draw them in makes physics, math, logic, spatial reasoning, probability, and problem-solving interesting, cool, and fun which gets us one step closer to our goal—engaged, thoughtful kids!

That, of course, is not all there is to the project!
Until the 20th, the original Portal is gonna be free for all those who don’t yet own it anyway.

If you’re new to Steam as a platform, you can pick up Portal and get the full feature unlock for free, without having to buy anything. Yet.

Tell your friends, spread the word! Portal is free once again!

Persona 4: Another Animation Trailer

Pe-ru-so-na!! 4 The Animation

Another trailer to celebrate this beautiful adaption of a fantastic game!

Spoiler Test

This is normal text and This is a spoiler, but here’s more normal text.

» Click to show Spoiler – click again to hide… «



Luka Loves Games and I love Quotes

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I even love longer quotes, you know, those that actually tell you something new

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Square Enix registers Final Fantasy XIII-3 Domain?!


Okay, so they registered another domain. finalfantasyxiii-3.com.
XIII-2 isn’t even out yet (and looks still like crap) and XIII was a disaster in terms of reviews.

Versus XIII is not even close to release with very, very little information ever getting published, which mostly states how they changed plans on something again, blablablanomurahasfunlivinghiswetdream.

Now now, XIII-2 is so brilliant, a real highlight of the series. It has cities. It seemingly is going to have stores (one can only hope) and you can TALK TO NPCs WHICH THEN SPEAK THEIR TWO LINES OF TEXT! OH MY GOD! THIS IS SO NEW!!!
Aside from that, we get “world is doomed, future guy comes back” time paradox bullshit. Last guy on the planet? Noel, right, you’re the last motherfucking unicorn, I know, but you still are damn annoying.

To understand XIII-2 is to understand that Square Enix is making losses without end these years. Profits are shrinking rapidly, and the company seems even more focused than ever to throw out enough crap titles to even remotely stay in business while other studios they bought one day after the fusion of Squaresoft and Enix do the proper games that actually allow them to exist at all. Endless outsourcing takes its toll.

FFXIII-2 is full of things Square Enix did not do these past years. Pokemon, time travel, towns, proper NPCs, sidequests, hiphop and another cliche plot.
Okay, the last point is nothing new, we had cliche plots before. But seriously, they’ve thrown so much random crap into this game, they seem desperate to attract every single group of nintenyearolds there is.
They don’t seem to have enough freedom for their projects to do something proper anymore. No time and money to risk a new engine, plot and characterdesign.

Seriously, at this point, they might just do the same they did to Final Fantasy Agito XIII/Type-0 to Versus XIII: Rename it.
Noel saves his future, gets back into the Versus XIII world. Voila, XIII-3.

Or the damn Valkyre Lightning isn’t real Lightning, has no sister in that paradox and always has been guarding Etro. Of course, Vanilla and Fang will be forgotten as they don’t exist in that Paradox without the real Lightning. Serah is gonna be heartbroken (again…) and will look for real Lightning throughout XIII-3, finally getting rid of the sucker Noel who now is in his Versus XIII future.

Serah will then travel the worlds of other Square Enix titles that failed to sell well or be critically acclaimed, and we’ll go look for Type-0 Lightning, Aya Brea Lightning, Lightning Nurse and Lightning Owuhabunga in Nigeria. There has to be a reason they recycle their character models so damn often, right?

No, for real people, I’m done with this shit. I can’t laugh about it anymore after typing this post.
Knowing Square Enix’ recent failures, which pile up higher than the skulls for Khorne’s Skull Throne, this is gonna be just another bad game yet good example why this company’s ruin is well justified.

First Thoughts on Space Marine: Multiplayer

Finally, after about one and a half years since my registration on the official Space Marine forum, the game got released. At least in most of Europe and a while ago in the US.
Sadly, UK people and others still need to wait til Friday.

I don’t really need to say much, I think. The Game is GREAT.
It feels natural, the difficulty is still fun and rewarding, and the Multiplayer gets better and better the longer you play.

It’s now 7:37am, release was at midnight, and I have 5+ hours on my record already.
Surprisingly, after 2 hours of the Singleplayer Campaign, I switched to Multiplayer.
Before I quit I had some very enjoyable rounds alongside and against Relic-employees, which made a nice event. Gaming with the Developers of the game you’re adoring? Brilliant experience. Now I can claim that the guys at Relic are my Battle-Brothers for real!

The Multiplayer will frustrate most of you. A lot. Not kidding.
Even shortly after the game’s release, gaps between player ranks were obvious. Granted, they weren’t that large yet, but due to the Weapon Unlocks and Perks, you got your ass kicked pretty fast.

In comparison to the Singleplayer, where you regenerate Health by Executing enemies, in MP you regain Health when staying out of battle. Executions are not possible, which honestly is a good thing, since it would break the flow of the battle.

On Rank 1, you start with a simple Tactical Marine. Bolter, Boltpistol, Combat Knife, Frag Grenades, Teleport Homer.
While Tactical Marines are the backbone of the team and can be extremely flexible, they are not very effective in that initial built when facing Tacticals using Plasmaguns or the Stalker-Pattern Bolter, or Devastators using Lascannons.

Devastators get unlocked once you reach Rank 2, fulfilling a more defensive role. A control point needs to be held? Stand ready and fire your Heavy Bolter. The strong weapon comes with a price, though: Speed.

My favorite class currently is the Assault Marine, who gets unlocked on Rank 3 and closes the 3 available classes.
Assaults use their Jumppacks to quickly move to capture and ground pound to close in on enemies, killing them in close combat. Due to their role, they tend to die easily, and you’d better pick your fights wisely.

On Rank 4 you finally get access to the Customization menu. If you’re lucky, you already fulfilled some Armor or Weapon Quests to unlock armor pieces and a bigger arsenal.
Granted, unlocking all these items will be a drag, but since you can use them to show off, it feels rewarding.

With every level you should get access to a new perk, weapon, loadout or whatever might be included in the game, and I tell you, there are a lot of things you might want to try.
Long term motivation is surely given!

Sadly, there are only 5 maps in the game at this point, and Coop is still not out (but planned as a Day 30 update). Relic has stated that they’d like to add content and maps, however, making this feel like a small range of maps will be enough to get used to the pace, gameplay and level up a bit.

One huge downside is the always active voice transmission. You cannot turn that off without basically disabling your microphone, and even then you’ll need to manually mute every player in the current session to not hear them burp into their mics (really happened, and I don’t think that guy was aware of us listening…) or crazy wives screaming at their husbands playing.
THIS needs to be improved on. Give us an option to not take part in voice madness at all, and it will be fine.

However, the voices were clear and the connections stable. I had no lag on my end, which surprised me, considering the P2P nature of the online mode.

The Settings did not get expanded, which I found quite odd in the beginning, but hell, its fine. Space Marine runs fantastic on my machine (reminder: 3.4GHz Quad AMD Phenom II, Radeon HD5750 1GB, 4GB RAM) without any hiccups. There could be slightly better textures, but it looks great enough the way it is.

Overall I am very, very pleased with Space Marine.
Relic has done a great job bringing 40k to life once again, proving that they’re the right ones for the job of developing 40k Games.

While I’m not a huge Multiplayer fan myself, I couldn’t help but enjoy Space Marine’s Annihilation and Seize the Ground matches for hours already.
My impatience was well justified and the game did not disappoint in the slightest.

If you haven’t grabbed the game yet, I suggest trying the Demo for starters and picking up the full game asap.

We’re not dead yet.

While things haven’t changed much since our last post, we’re still on the project.
Dear Alkaid has been busy playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution; I have been playing Space Marine. A lot. A damn lot. Thus, I didn’t even touch DXHR again.

We’ll get back here asap, don’t worry. For the time being, enjoy the First Thoughts on Space Marine’s multiplayer. Yes, I’ll spam this with my own review stuff for now, until Alkaid gets to write one of her own >:]

Edit: I slowly but surely get that this was a reeeeeally bad idea… … *sigh*